Our Team

Mani Mostofi

Mani Mostofi, Miaan’s Director, is a lawyer, international law expert, researcher, and human rights advocate with 10 years of experience. Mostofi served as Communications Director and Senior Researcher at City University of New York’s Human Rights in Iran Unit where he provided support to the United Nations mechanism. Mostofi was a director of the UN advocacy of collation at Impact Iran. Mostofi has been a researcher at Human Rights Watch and the Center for Human Rights in Iran, and co-supervisor of a project at Fordham Law School’s Walter Leitner Human Rights Clinic. Mostofi, also is an advisor to United for Iran. Mostofi has a Master’s in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Texas at Austin and a Juris Doctor from Fordham Law.

Amir Rashidi

Amir Rashidi is the Director of Digital Rights and Security at the Miaan Group. He has over 10 years of experience in digital security and rights in Iran. Rashidi is an expert on Iranian Internet censorship, cyber-attacks, and security trends. Rashidi worked as the internet security and digital rights researcher at the Center for Human Rights in Iran, where he conducted in-depth research, data collection and analysis on internet security and access in Iran, internet policy and infrastructure, and the tools and methods of state-sponsored censorship and hacking. Rashidi has published over 500 articles for media and human rights platforms inside and outside the country.

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Azin Mohajerin

Azin Mohajerin project manager at the Miaan Group. She is an experienced human rights researcher with notable expertise on Iran and contacts within the Iranian and international human rights community. She has worked on a variety of projects with organizations including Article 19, ASL19, Minority Rights Group International, Center for Human Rights in Iran, and Impact Iran. She holds a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of South Alabama and a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Tehran Azad University.

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