Code of conduct


It is the policy of The Miaan group to provide a safe and healthy office environment for all employees and visitors. The Miaan group is committed to protecting and improving the environment. We ask that employees only purchase environmentally-friendly supplies when possible. We also ask that employees recycle or reuse all appropriate office materials (e.g., paper, cardboard, plastic/glass, aluminum/steel/tin, etc.) as well as any materials brought into the office from home. We encourage employees to walk, use bikes, and use public transportation whenever possible. The Miaan group will ensure its offices are near public transportation.


It is anticipated that everyone — including full and part-time employees, temporary personnel, contractors, interns, volunteers — working with The Miaan group will comport themselves in a courteous and considerate manner. Sexual and other forms of harassment, refusal to do work reasonably expected, wrongful use or theft of The Miaan group property, fraud in securing employment, inexcusable absence without leave, or behavior threatening or endangering the life or safety of the staff or the public are all grounds for dismissal without advanced notice.


Director, staff, and advisors are encouraged to adhere to a communications protocol, encouraging open discussion and debate of organizational issues, yet refraining from personal accusations and charges that undermine The Miaan group, its work, and its people.


The Miaan group policy supports both the intent and the letter of Title VII, its regulatory law, and all other Civil Rights Acts including the American Disabilities Act of 1992. The Miaan group is committed to maintaining a workplace free of intimidation on the basis of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Criminal penalties extend not only to those who injure, intimidate, or interfere with a person’s civil right, but also to those who attempt to do so. An employee involved in any form of a substantiated allegation of racial, religious, ethnic epithets, harassment, intimidation, insults, or other areas that fall into this category which includes verbal abuse, would be subject to disciplinary action including dismissal for cause once the allegation has been substantiated. Any employee who believes they has been the subject of $5 harassment should report the The Miaan group; employee alleged act immediately their supervisor. An investigation of all complaints will be undertaken immediately. Any worker who has been found by The Miaan group, after appropriate investigation to have racially or ethnically harassed another worker will be subject to appropriate sanctions depending on the circumstances. Sanctions may range from a warning placed in the employee’s personnel file to immediate termination.


The Miaan group has a strict zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment. This policy is applicable to both employees and contractors. Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, offensive or unwelcome sexual flirtations, advances or propositions; repeated verbal abuse of a sexual nature; graphic or degrading comments about an individual or his or her appearance; the display of sexually suggestive objects or pictures; any offensive or abusive physical contact. Violation of this policy is cause for dismissal. Any employee or contractor who has a complaint of sexual harassment from anyone including supervisors, co-workers, visitors, or volunteers should bring the problem to the problem to the attention of the Director or manager (or Advisory Board, if in place). All complaints should be filed in writing. The privacy of the complaining employee and the person accused of sexual harassment will be protected.


All employees are required to adhere to the schedule that has been agreed upon with the Director. Punctuality is expected and frequent tardiness or lack of respect for the schedule can result in a reduction of pay and or a disciplinary procedure.


Supervisors may follow a policy of fair and progressive employee discipline. This policy does not change or affect the at-will status of employees of The Miaan group . The supervisor has a variety of options open to address job performance and behavior problems.

A. Verbal Correction – The first step is for the supervisor to meet with the employee to discuss the behavioral or performance problem. If the situation does not improve within a reasonable period of time, the supervisor may repeat the warning or take the next step. The supervisor will place a written record of the date of oral notice in the employee’s electronic personnel file.

B. Written Correction – For the repeated or more substantial infractions the supervisor may prepare a written summary explaining the job related inappropriate behavior or $6 performance and the corrective action desired. An employee on probation for a specified period of time. The employee will be given an opportunity to comment in writing. Any written comment by the employee and a copy of the notice will be placed in the electronic personnel file.

C. Discharge – The employee may be discharged without notice for any reason by the Director


Circumstances may occasionally warrant that one or more steps in the disciplinary process not be taken. Some circumstances may call for immediate dismissal. Since employment with The Miaan group is at the mutual consent of both the employee and The Miaan group either party may terminate the employment relationship for any reason at any time with or without cause.


If any employee has an issue and or problematic circumstance with another employee or supervisor, the employee is required to report both verbally and in writing this grievance directly to the Director. The Director is required to aid in seeking a resolution agreed upon by all parties involved. If the employee has an issue and or problematic circumstance with the Director, the employee is required to report both verbally and in writing this grievance directly to the Advisory Board. The board will aid in seeking a resolution agreed upon by all parties involved.


The purpose of the Policy is to give parents additional flexibility and time to bond with their child and to adjust to their new family situation. The Miaan group believes flexibility and family-friendly policies are essential to cultivating an atmosphere where employees can thrive professionally without sacrificing essential family obligations. Maternity, paternity, and adoption leave of twelve weeks (60 working days) is provided for eligible full time employees who have been employed with the Miaan group for at least one year. If the employee has completed at least one year of continuous employment with The Miaan group at the time the leave is commenced, the first four (4) weeks of his/her maternity, paternity, or adoption leave will be paid. The following eight (8) weeks are unpaid time off. Reasonable efforts will be made to assist an employee in returning to their former staff position upon return from maternity, paternity and adoption leave (ie. Establishing flexible hours or working from home practices)